Each design is uniquely hand-crafted and thoughtfully constructed in a small home-based workshop in Northern California.

We are a VERY NEW, small, geeky, neuro-spicy, two-person design studio creating fun beaded jewelry with glass, ceramic, metal, wood, and (very occasionally) plastic beads. And because of our nerdy nature, our largest collections will likely (eventually) be fandom-related.


Let your inner-geek come out with FANDOM-INSPIRED smartwatch bands and bracelets! These fun hand-beaded creations allow you to show off the characters you love and identify with. As we are still new to jewelry creation, we are currently stuck in the Star Wars Fandom. We are hoping to begin representing the Marvel and DC Cinematic Universes, Wizarding World of Harry Potter, and others very soon.

Sports fans will be happy to see the SPORTS TEAMS-INSPIRED smartwatch bands and bracelets. First completed will be NFL in the Summer/Fall of 2023, followed by College Teams in the Winter of 2023, MLB in the Spring of 2024, NBA in the Summer of 2024, and NHL in the Fall of 2024 (hopefully)!

Ongoing creations allow you to show your PRIDE with beautiful smartwatch bands, bracelets or necklaces. Check back often for newly added pieces.

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