Grogu-inspired Beaded Smartwatch Band


***NOTE: All designs can be converted to bracelets upon request. Please make your choice under "Personalization". ***

Hey, you! Yeah, you there. Ever have the insatiable urge to swallow a frog whole, levitate a Mudhorn, or coo adorably at your shiny Mando Dad? Do you perhaps follow The Way? No? Oh...well, uh. Never mind then. Maybe you just like the Mandalorian, or hell even just the colors green and silver. If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this watchband is for you. Inspired by the adorable Grogu from Star Wars' "The Mandalorian", this beautiful Smartwatch band is hand-crafted from ceramic, glass and metal beads. With this band, you will understand the ways of the Force, and learn to walk The Way of the Mandalore. Or not. What do I know, I'm not a Jedi.

* You DO NOT need to be familiar with Star Wars to purchase these products! We are a judgement free zone and accept and embrace your innocent fandom naivete. We simply ask you to enjoy the fruits of our labor and purchase responsibly. *

The item shown in the picture is for a Fitbit Versa 3, but these are available for Apple Watch, Fitbit Versa 3/4, Fitbit Sense 2, and Google Pixel Watch. When placing your order, please make sure you indicate which type of Smartwatch you have.

Although appropriate for normal daily wear, please do not wear these beaded watchbands during strenuous activities such as exercising, swimming, heavy lifting, etc. It is also strongly advised to swap out the beaded watchband for a sturdier band for sleeping, if worn for sleep-tracking.

Please be aware that due to availability of specialty beads, product design may vary slightly from picture.

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